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We our big fans of H20 for Life.  We partner with them to help our schools understand the importance of compassion and empathy.  Below is a part of a great blog from Technology, Engineering & Communications High School. Read the article here.

Our group at Technology, Engineering & Communications High School would love to participate in H2O for Life cause because we are dedicated to raise awareness and help those in need.  Katie Spotz visited our school and explained current situations families are faced with due to the lack of a reliable and clean water source.  In response, we decided to accept the challenge and we want to put forth our time and effort to become a helping hand to the less fortunate.  We are extremely efficacious and genuinely believe we can impact those who need clean water and an education.  Our compassion and empathy draws us to this issue and we know that as a group we can create change.  We believe in our cause and want to make the world a better place for all.

You can donate to this schools project here.