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 High School Mentoring

Empower your everyday students to mentor their peers

Increase learning & academic achievement

See our program in action

The Ignite team trains student mentors onsite through a peer-to-peer mentoring system that is customized to your school needs. With the option to bring our team onsite or virtually, we can tackle challenges by working with staff & students first-hand through the pipeline of peer influence. 

Ignite has partnered with NCCEP/Gear-Up Schools and School Districts since 1998, and trained students and staff online for the last 10 years. Hear from one of our partnering schools that has presented our program at their NCCEP National Conference 2022:  

Data has proven how critical the first year is on a student’s success

The first year of high school makes all the difference


First-year students are anxiety stricken


are having suicidal thoughts daily


are failing 2 or more classes

What is an Ignite Mentor ?

Students leading students to help change the climate and culture of their community

As an Ignite Mentor your task is not only to advise, but also to build. Build each other up and build relationships. To do so, mentors in the Ignite system are broken up between two roles, Executive Mentors and Mentors.
Executive Student Mentor
  • Program Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Train The Trainer Model
  • Cognitive Skill Development
  • Peer Facilitator
  • Classroom management and staff support
  • Tier 1 and 2 Intervention Support
  • College Credit optional
Year Long Student Mentor
  • Life Skills

  • Relationship Builder

  • Transitioning Student Academic support

  • Facilitator

  • Trusted Peer, Advocate, and Role Model
  • Tier 1 & 2 Intervention Support

Our Curriculum
  • 21st Century Skill Development
  • Online training system
  • Ongoing participant assessment and reflections
  • Research Based
  • Culturally Responsive
  • Optional Classroom Curriculum – C.T.E. Education Leadership
  • Align with Portrait of a Graduate
Training System
82 instructional videos for staff and students
25-minute classroom lessons
Example videos of mentors leading every lesson
Classroom Power Points
Lesson Plans
Ongoing monthly coaching
  Click Here to view Ignite’s Curriculum

“It’s more than a program, it’s a relationship that trains students on how to have a relationship with their peers.”  Chris Tillett, HS Principal Red Banks TN

Your Ignite mentors will increase attendance and academics through peer to peer connections. 

Create a sense of community for every student to feel seen and accepted. 

If you or your teachers are wondering…


Can our school climate thrive?

Do our students even care?

It is not just the winning football game, the spirit week, or the college ready courses that make a positive climate

It’s your everyday students given an opportunity to learn from one another everyday

The Payoffs


increase in graduation


increase in feeling of belonging for the incoming class


increase in Attendance

Before I used to sit in class and just be on my phone. I just didn’t care about school. Now I’m a mentor. I make connections with other students, and I like that I can be a change in someone else’s life.

Andrea, SeniorGeorge W. Carver HS, Birmingham, AL

The number of failures in 9th grade dropped by 53% our first year with Ignite. We directly credit Ignite for this success.

PrincipalRoosevelt High School De Moines Iowa

Our Ignite Mentors have made a huge difference for our incoming freshman class. The mentors have helped transition our incoming 9th graders into our Panther family. First 3 years our freshman attendance and academics increased over 35%.

KurtPrincipal, Lufkin ISD, TX

I started to look at myself differently and started focusing on more than just my needs. I grew as a person for the first time really started caring for others.

Kelyn RoweExecutive Mentor Alumni, New England Revolution #11

Our programs support a remote or onsite setting

Ignite Compass

Build leadership capacity with your staff

  • Assigned staff come together online or onsite
  • Personal Development
  • Climate VS. Culture understanding & how to establish baseline goals
  • Smart & Good Culture Overview
  • Steps to implement school climate improvements
  • Breakout sessions creating the kick off process that supports school programs

Ignite Spark

Spark-Teacher Friendly  Plug & Play
  • School year subscription
  • ‘Get-Real’ topics empowering student voice
  • Customized School Page
  • 25 min Video Lessons
  • Teacher Discussion Guides
  • Resource Videos

Student Mentor Training System

Training System for 10-12th grade student mentors supporting 9th grade students 

  • Optional CTE course in Educational Leadership
  • Optional pullout training advisory mode
    • Staff overview and expectations
    • Mentor Contract
    • Reflections & Growth Assessments
    • Monthly Advisor Coaching
    • Spring Transitions


Training & Advisory Curriculum

Leadership skill development
Academic Support for Incoming students
Recognition and Celebration SystemSpark Advisory Topics led by student mentors:

  • Self-Image
  • Study Habits
  • Adapting to Others
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Stress & Coping Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Aim for Education
  • Get Ahead Stay Ahead

College Credit

In partnership with  NW Nazarene University Executive Mentors will receive 1 college credit per yearAll students will learn 21st Century Skills aligned with portrait of a Graduate 

  • Effective CommunicationSelf-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills 
  • Responsible Decision Making

Today is the new normal for your students and for your staff!

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