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Here is a great article for you who have invested so much in enhancing and helping change your school culture. Please read if for no reason other than to know that your work is supported by research. This is just one of many articles that has made an impact on the work we have chosen to do with you and others like you.

“The Effects of School Culture and Climate on Student Achievement” a study by The International Journal of Leadership in Education

The interesting thing is this research and some of the work is over 15 years old. Why does it take so long for change to work its way through a school system?

Nevertheless, the research and results are clear–the road to sustainable student achievement IS through the climate and culture door. The sooner we believe this, the sooner our actions and attitudes and practices will support this belief system and the sooner our students can start their success journey on a positive and supportive environment.

Keep up your vision and your good work and remember, we are here to serve you! You can find more on this blog and on our Twitter page.