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The Power Within!

Provide hope, and acceptance

Help them break down the walls & honor who they are

Let’s get started!

┬áLet’s not limit how many will be impacted
This school wide or grade level event is a unique approach to help participants empathize with their school community.

Give them a chance to talk about real issues they are preoccupied with. When personal ownership of self and respect for others is strengthened everything improves.

Let your students take the lead!

Your school community will begin to see one another with a new set of eyes.

What happens when they show up every day inspired to be their best selves and do their best work!

Power Within!

Your Students Take the Lead!

Event Training Includes:

  • Everyday students selected and attend a one-day training.
  • Your student leaders will lead breakout session, facilitation skills, listening skills, classroom management including restorative practices.
  • Materials include customized training schedule, breakout lessons, training videos, large group activities, personal development, and team building
  • 8 coaching hours for admin and staff for event preparation, planning, and community promotion to ensure a successful Power Within

Event Day Includes:

  • Customized event day designed for school wide or grade level participation
  • Power Within event day includes international speakers, large group activities, get real breakouts and large group activities customized to event goals
  • Participant workbook & reflections
  • Informal assessment & report
  • Recommended follow up lessons
  • Press release and photos of all events

The Payoffs

Positively Influence School Climate

Strengthen Student Engagement

Honor Diversity

I started to look at myself differently and started focusing on more than just my needs. I grew as a person for the first time and really started caring for others.

Kelyn RoweFWHS Executive Mentor Alumni, Seattle Sounder Midfielder #22

The Power Within is much more than a day. It becomes an opening for your school to lower barriers that often divide students; addressing real issues through open dialogue, to be accepting of diversity and create inclusive school communities.

Get Started