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Middle School Mentoring

Increase your students’ passion for learning and discovering their purpose

See our program in action

Between social anxiety, bullying, and classroom expectations, the pressures are too much.

Feeling safe and respected is all they think about.


The daily pressure of transitioning to 6 classes vs 1-2 can be overwhelming.

Let’s support them through this awkward time!

We are experts at training everyday students to lead every incoming student through this maze of middle school. 

Let’s give them the roadmap to be their best selves and do their best work every day!

If you are wondering… how can our students build relationships?


School connections no longer come from just the loudest or boldest in your classroom  

Your everyday students, even your introverts, you know the ones, are given equal opportunity to get real and make lasting connections with their peers 

Your student mentors influence positive change and reduce the amount of:

Negative Behaviors

Self Harm


Academic Apathy

Stress & Anxiety

In a short amount of time, those leading your everyday students mirror your leaderships voice of positivity and belief in others

All programs can be led in a remote or onsite setting

Ignite Compass

Assigned staff come together

  • Personal  development
  • Climate vs Culture understanding and how to establish baseline goals
  • Smart & Good Culture Overview
  • Steps to implement school climate improvements
  • Breakout sessions providing kick off process supporting school program

Ignite Spark

Ignite Spark -Teacher Friendly Lessons

  • Classroom Plug & Play video lessons
  • ‘Get-Real’ topics empowering student voice
  • Bi-lingual Lessons & Classroom PowerPoints
  • Resource Videos

Ignite Spark Family -Stay connected with Every Family

  • Provide family monthly subscription
  • 7-10 min easy video lessons
  • Family guide aligned with additional topics of discussion

Student Mentor Kick off Training

Empower your students to lead

  • Onboarding system aligned with Ignite Spark Rubric
  • 3-day Kickoff training virtual or onsite for Students
  • Tap into the motivation and skills for student mentors to take the lead
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Skill Development

Training System Online or Onsite

Online Training System Guides your team every step of the way!

  • Onboarding System  & Monthly Staff Coaching 
  • Fall Orientation
  • Spring Transitions
  • Staff overview and expectations 
  • Mentor Contract 
  • Scope and Sequence of lessons  
  • Reflections & Growth Assessments

Online Training Curriculum

Topics like: 

  • Making Right Choices
  • Overcoming Drama and Gossip
  • Self-Image 
  • Study Habits
  • Social Media, giving the right image
  • Overcoming Stress & Coping Strategies
  • Healthy Friendships

The Payoffs


increase in attendance


decrease in referrals


increase in passing classes


increase in feeling safe and understood

The mentors provide a different voice and different perspective for my incoming 6th graders. They inspire our students to do their best and really care about who they are and their grades improved. They went from 22% failing to 1% failing.

Heather6th grade Math Teacher, Mann MS, Lakewood, WA

Having a mentor has taught me to look out for myself, to do my homework and know that I matter.

Jonathan6th grader, Terry MS , Byram, Mississippi

Our hallways changed, our lunchroom changed, behavior in our classrooms improved, referrals down by 40%. Our Ignite bobcat mentors have a huge impact on our school.

WayneVice Principal Jason Lee MS, Tacoma, Wa.