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The Importance of School Culture on School Climate

By June 17, 2022No Comments

Across the Nation in our partnering schools we have many conversations on improvement. It is pertinent that we as educators, students and schools talk about what we respect in order to sustain or create a school climate that is valued, but with this we have to understand our school culture.

Mr. Steve Bollar creates a visual that helps us bring in those positive factors that create a healthy school environment.

How do we operate and what are our school behaviors on a student to student, teacher to student, and teacher to teacher basis?

Operational culture is how do your classrooms work? How does the cafeteria work? What do students do at certain times in the library?

Understanding these slight activities or operations will get you a sense or feel for the students you have within your school and the staff that you work with.

Behavioral culture helps us understand the “why.” Why do our students behave the way they do when certain administrators are talking? Why does staff set the rules in their classroom at the beginning of the semester. Why do students treat other students like that?

Ignite’s Leadership concepts start at understanding the school culture and climate. We’re able to facilitate students at both mass and minimal numbers because we empathize with how staff and students work. We help create resolutions by simply understanding the operational and behavioral culture, customizing our leadership lessons based on what the students feel they need.


“The great art of learning is to understand but little at a time.” – John Locke